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Morning Time

A simple google search this morning shows that 46% of Americans check their phone before even getting out of bed each morning, and 80% check their phone within the first 12 minutes of waking up. My guess is if you polled those just 45 and younger, these numbers would be even higher.

Too many of us let our day control us, rather than us controlling our day.  

If you can’t give yourself 15 minutes in the morning, then I’d consider reevaluating your lifestyle.  A few minutes of meditation and stillness before starting your day can drastically change your result’s. Create a routine, whatever it is.  

After all…the way you see the world will largely dictate how you receive the world.  Will it be another constant struggle or a day of exciting opportunities?  Establishing the right pair of glasses to look through each morning is arguably more important than what actually happens. It’s in your control. You can let go of results and instead just enjoy the process. When you go all out with your day, you’ll lose the need to compare yourself to others. You win every day.

Anyone who has ever gone fishing understands the importance of optimism.  The fisherman who is constantly anticipating that next bite, knowing that at any second their bobber could go down, will always catch more fish then the pessimistic angler. Every day has so many opportunities…if you want them.  

Some people want to have a good day, others know they’ll have a good day.  

Which one are you?

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