This week from The Forklift : The Truth

Week of July 25th, 2022

Our freedom is truly correlated with our truth. Our secrets confine us.

Ask any addict about the feeling they get when first released from the shackles of their disease and they will tell you one thing – I am free. Their secret is no more.  Living in the light is joyous and free, but facing the truth can be really scary.  Most human beings would actually rather die than raise a hand for help (no sarcasm intended unfortunately. Fact).

A friend of mine used to say “if you want to save your butt, sometimes you have to lose your face”.  Sometimes you just get so tired of being humiliated, you don’t care anymore. The pain is finally enough to change.  Your misery becomes a gift.

We fear getting honest will make us look and feel weak.  But oh, how far from the truth that is! When we unleash the truth, when we are finally brave enough to walk away, when we bring our darkness into the light…weakness is nowhere in the picture. Instead we feel empowered. We feel joy…and we feel freedom like a prisoner released from orison.

Nothing is as powerful as saying “I was wrong”.

We worry about what others might think of us, but the truth is we gain nothing but respect and love from those around us.  Why? Because they have things in the darkness as well…or have had things in the darkness before. There is no reason to wait, life happens to everyone.

Our failures can be the sources of our future masterpieces!

If you have the face the truth; you need to ask for help, you are holding on to a deep resentment, or you just have to walk away from something that you really love (but you know will kill you!) …get honest about it and bring it into the light.  You’ll be humbled and empowered.  

You’re just a normal human being. Flawed. 


Live Simple. Live with Klarity.

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