Good Morning

…from The Forklift.

Take the time to find the right state of mind each morning. It might change your life.

A simple google search this morning shows that 46% of Americans check their phone before even getting out of bed each morning, and 80% check their phone within the first 12 minutes of waking up. Our alarm goes off and the first thing we do each morning is flood our minds with noise, stress, and envious comparison through social media.

If you can’t give yourself 15 minutes in the morning, then you should consider reevaluating your lifestyle.  A few minutes of meditation and stillness before starting your day can drastically change your your results. 

Use your mind and heart first to guide your day…not your calendar.   You’ll see a clear suggestion will come, delivering the gifts of focus, purpose, and simplicity to your day. 

You’ll be living with Klarity.


Klarity Lifestyle Company

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