This week from The Forklift :  FOCUS

I’ve been a lucky man in life, nothing was easy for me”

– Sigmund Freud

Where is your focus?

What habitats within your mind will lead you to where you habitat.  

Whatever it is that you let reside in your mind will begin to magnify in your own life.  And vice versa, whatever you are not thinking about will diminish.  The more you think about the grievances and injustices that have been bestowed upon you, the more they will remain in your future.  That in there lies the hardest part – when you’re in the middle of it is when its most important, yet also the most difficult time to flip the narrative.  

You can not fix the negative by focusing on the negative. It can only be replaced by thinking about the positive.

Remember, you are not the voice in your head, you are the one who listens to the voice. You don’t have to be a slave to your thoughts.  Be the director of your own movie. Write your own script.

Positivity has momentum… and it can start with just a smile.  Right now.

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