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We spend a lot of time worrying about what others think about us. It’s a lot easier to focus on getting them to like us, rather than devoting our energy towards getting “us” to like us.  After all, thats all that matters.  Do we really like ourselves?  

Well, what makes us like ourselves?  Is it because we think we are funny? Is it because we think we are better looking than others?  Or, is it because we have more money than others? No, what makes us like ourselves is our ability to navigate our own ship. Is our life aligned with our morals and principles? Are we our authentic selves, truly good with our imperfections?  Until we just stop trying to look good on the outside, we will never truly feel good on the inside.  We’ll just keep chasing.

The answer lies within. To build esteem, we must do esteem-able  acts.  We must show up when we said we would show up.  We have to give everything our best.  We have to be honest.  We have to be a good friend. Its not complicated, but its really hard.,  

You know all the things you need to be in order for you to sleep well at night.  You may think you are competing versus others, but you are not.  You are really competing against yourself.   

Are you being the man or woman god intended you to be?

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