This week from The Forklift : Grateful Grit

Many have come before you and overcame the same circumstances you are facing right now. You are not a victim. 

Your greatest weakness is your inability to take ownership of your own domain.  Until you stop blaming your struggles on others, or on the injustices you have experienced, you will never go on to live the life you want.  If you want freedom, you must take responsibility for your own life and move forward.  Ownership is the ticket out of the past, it is the mindset that allows you to truly move on. 

Overcoming your obstacles requires a special mindset, one fueled by grateful grit.  You need to be thankful for both your good and bad circumstances.  You need to be thankful just for the opportunity to get off the mat!  No matter what your situation, your biggest obstacle will always be the one in the mirror looking back at you.    Your situation is not unique, but your mind will sure tell you it is.

The more “life” you experience, the older you get, the more depth and enjoyment you can extract from your daily lives.  With this mindset, you’ll develop wisdom and depth as a human beings.  You’ll begin to see things differently and grow.  Your reality changes.  Suddenly, life stops happening to you, and instead for you.

These  amazing gifts…all because of adversity.

Whatever it is you are struggling with – your weight, insecurities, financial burdens, etc. – you can overcome them. The solution to freedom lies within.  You can change your life completely any time you want, but first you must come to the realization that “if its going to be, its going to be because of me”.  

Either you make sacrifices now for the things you want, or you do nothing, and the things you want will become your sacrifice. Get off the couch. You got this.

– matt 

Klarity Lifestyle Company

Simple Living for Complex People

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