This week from The Forklift : Awareness

We assume that when everyone has the same facts as us, that they must come up with the same conclusions.

Just as two people may go to a movie, sit right next to each other, watch every second of the same film, and then walk out with completely different experiences, every day life is no different.  We all have our own pair of glasses that we look through. From the minute we are born, our life experiences begin to mold us, chip away at us, and frame the lens of life that we’ll spend our days looking through.  

Self-awareness might be our most important skill to master.  If we can understand what drives our reactions and thoughts, we can then begin to better control them.  We must practice self awareness on a daily basis.  Our imbedded biases and beliefs are constantly at work within the subconscious, quietly directing our thought patterns and eventual decisions. 

If we know our story, we can change our story. 

My experience has been that when people take the time to truly look at their life long behaviors, this subconscious story becomes conscious. Change becomes possible.

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