This week from The Forklift:

We aren’t a result of our circumstances, our circumstances are a result of us.  

We aren’t limited by our environment, we actually create our environment.  

We aren’t happy because we are doing well, we are doing well because we are happy.

Our state of mind is everything.  How we mentally approach each day dictates what kind of day we are going to have.  We don’t have to wait and hope for a good day. Just decide.

Optimism and a smile is a powerful combination.  Approach any human interaction with a smile and optimistic energy, and somehow you’ll get it right back in return.  It will add to your positive tank.  And just like that we are on the daily optimism train, inertia has taken its course.  We’ll be well on our way towards a great day.

Anyone who has been fishing understands the mystical powers behind optimism. The fishermen who watches his bobber optimistically, the one who knows he is going to catch a fish; he keeps an eye on his bobber and for whatever reason…he ALWAYS catches more fish.

If you feel you’re a victim of your environment, and you can’t escape your situation, take a step back and look at how you are starting your day.  If you can find optimism and gratitude in your heart each morning, I promise you, your environment will change. 

Make it a great day.

– MM

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  2. Let’s go fishing! Love your thoughts. Miss you. G-money


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