Leadville Update


In early July of this year, I blew out my groin and was unable to run for a month.  Fortunately, race directors let me roll my race entry to next year due to the injury.  All funds raised so far will be rolled to next years race, thank you to all for your donations.  We will keep it going for another year!

So, putting the shoes back on for another year🤙👊 And living with Klarity…

Klarity Living Guideposts

  1. We all have scars 
    1. Be vulnerable. Share yourself.
    2. Everyone has their mountain(s).
    3. Life is a game of failure.  Love your scars.

  1. Have a life philosophy
  1. How you see the world is how you will receive the world.
    1. Want to be the beast or burden?
  2. The only difference between adversity and opportunity is your attitude.

  1. Authenticity is currency
    1. Business is totally personal.
    2. You are perfectly imperfect.

  1. We are an average of the five people closest to us
  1. Hangout with those who make you better. It’s simple.
  2. We are products of our environment.
  3. Live in consultation.  Have a board of governors for “you.inc”. 
  1. Pursue what gives you GAS (Give A Sh*t)
    1. When we pursue the things we want…we get them!  Always! 
      1. Emotion is more valuable than talent.
    2. Don’t get so caught up in making a living that you forget to make your life.  
    3. Find your fire.  Get obsessed about something.

  1. It is not the size of your garden that matters, its how you tend to it
    1. Happiness comes from giving it your best. It doesn’t matter what you are doing.  Seriously!
    2. Every person on the team carries the same value. When the ball is put in play, every player on the field has somewhere to be.  Everyone!
    3. Be a gardener.

  1. Markets work
  1. Reality is a giant marketplace. We get compensated for the value we bring to the world around us!
  2. Invest in yourself.
    1. We have to become more valuable everyday!
      1. Become a better listener, a better friend, work on your handshake, etc.

  1. Invest in relationships
  1. They are the best investment.
  2. Someday you WILL look back and wish you spent more time with the ones you love.  I promise. I’ve been there.
  3. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Everyday!

  1. You are who you think you are
  1. If you want to be CEO, start acting like a CEO…now!
  2. From years of conditioning and experiences, our ego has formed an identity that it grabs on to.   We form our own ceilings. We form our own vision.
  3. Its okay to dream!  The more real our dreams are, the more emotional pull we’ll have.  
  4. Have a vision. Get Obsessed.

  1. Be extraordinary 
    1. Do the ordinary extraordinarily well.
    2. Block and tackle
      1. Reliable and punctual, wrapped with a smile, will take you far in life.
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1 thought on “Leadville Update

  1. Hi Matt, So sorry you didn’t get a chance to participate in this year’s Leadville race. I was searching for your name in the finishers/participants and was worried about you not being there. Hope you are feeling much better now. I love your messages on this site. They are incredibly inspirational and I have shared them with others. All the best.


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