This week from The Forklift: Self Esteem

Self-esteem grows from doing esteem-able acts.    

Self esteem grows when we do the things that we said we’d do. It grows when we do the right thing when nobody is looking. It grows when we don’t exaggerate our story to make ourselves  look better.  And perhaps most encompassing and most important, self-esteem grows when we deliver on self-control. Discipline is its best fertilizer.  It’s not complex.

We don’t need to do extraordinary things… to feel extraordinary.  To feel extraordinary, all we need to do, is the ordinary extraordinarily well. Its very simple… but not easy. 

Imagine if you: 

You made your bed and left the house with no messes to come home to

You meditated or prayed for 15 minutes 

You told the ones you love that you love them

You ate healthy 

You allotted time for some form of self care…and did it

You did your absolute best at work

You exercised

You met all your obligations

You listened to understand, and not just to respond

You took the day on life’s terms, not needing a drink or quick chemical fix to manage yourself

You lived with truth…in all matters. No secrets

Make it a great weekend… unless you have other plans. 


Mission: Leadville: Leaving at 4am to run across the Grand Canyon and back. It’s an extraordinary feat, but accomplished by doing the ordinary…extraordinarily well. One foot in front of the other. Pics to come.

Klarity Lifestyle Company

“Simple Living for Complex People

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