Asking For Help

It took me years before I could ask for help. And once I did, my life changed. People wanted to help me? It was crazy. I thought I’d feel weaker if I asked for help, how could a man ask another man to tie his shoes for him? But when I finally did, what happened next was crazy. I felt stronger after. I felt strength in my vulnerability.

Now here I am asking you for your help. I’m trying to raise money for something that means a lot to me. Something much bigger than me.

All money raised goes to K2 Adventures Limb Loss Limb Difference program, a charity that helps people with disabilities get back into life. The money raised goes not just to “buy someone a new leg” who is in need…but also give them a life changing, confidence boosting, and a full of love experience, that in essence allows their new leg, to become part of them.  I know the power of this…because it’s what helped me…”get back on my feet.”

To learn more about this effort and see how you can partake, watch the short video below, followed by a link to details on the actual charitable mission itself.

To learn more about this effort and how you can help:

Thanks to Mark McClune and News Channel 3 for helping me with getting this story out.

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