This week from The Forklift: Our Story

We are who we think we are.  

If we can control our minds, we can control our lives. Remember, none of us can control what happens to us, but we all can control how we react to what happens to us.

At a young age, or at some point in our developments, we subconsciously labeled ourselves. We let someone, or some event in our life, define us.  We let our circumstances become our life long ceiling to change and growth.  For example, we may think to ourselves, “I will always be fat because I just have a slow metabolism”.  Or because of the situation we were born into, we may think “I will always be poor”. Whatever it is, this story will continue as long as we allow it to.

To grow and overcome our ceiling, to breakthrough our current story, we must first identify it.  We can’t heal a problem without first identifying it.  My experience and observations have been that when people take the time to truly look at their life long behaviors, this subconscious story becomes conscious. Change then becomes possible.

Once we identify this story, we can begin to exercise our minds towards a new life story.  We get our dreams, our new vision, into our daily mindset. Those who breakthrough, those who become the person they want to become, do so because they have to.  Their new story becomes their new standard, they won’t accept anything else.


What is your story? Be honest with yourself.  Think about it. Have you subconsciously given yourself a ceiling, or live in?  Sit with this…maybe even ask a friend or two for feedback.  

Now, write down on a piece of paper your new story.  Post this somewhere you can see every morning.  As lame as they appear, daily affirmations actually work. Get this new standard into your soul. 

Its not always our vault for our situations, but it is our responsibility to change them.  Own your story!

– matt

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