This week from The Forklift : Shortcuts

Ever noticed “Luxury Condos” aren’t usually very luxury? Or, what about those who tell everyone how humble they are? Isn’t that just evidence how not humble they are? How about those who tell you they don’t have a drinking problem (when there’s some probable cause)? My experience has been that means they usually have one.

Shortcuts. We all take shortcuts. We want the prize without the work. There is an entire economy built upon helping us take shortcuts. You can buy t-shirts that tell everyone you are a “spiritual gangster”. You can use apps to edit your social media pics and make your waste smaller… with just a few clicks. Or, you can just drink a few beers at night to help you temporarily forget about your problems at work. I could go on and on.

Shortcuts have become so much of the norm that we don’t even realize we are taking them. When we truly do the work, something weird switches in our brain and ego. Suddenly, we don’t need to tell everyone how spiritual we are…because we are actually spiritual!

Doing the work gives off an incredible feeling…and here is the really cool thing. When we do just one thing great, the feeling we get becomes addicting. Suddenly, we begin doing everything in our lives to the best of your ability. It’s why making your bed every morning can be so powerful. We’ll stop taking shortcuts.

It’s what life’s all about. Getting better and becoming more valuable, everyday. With everything.

Have a good weekend. – matt

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