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Often times, when we are doing things that immediately make us feel better about ourselves, we are actually doing the opposite.

The external world is full of tricks and mirages.  The “easy” button is always right by our side.  

A great example of this is something very prevalent in todays world. Image Management. Because of social media, suddenly everyone has a personal brand to manage (or they think they do).  We see pictures of people on social media who look completely different than they do in real life. They look thinner. They look tanner. Their double chin is suddenly gone? People are using photo editing apps to make themselves look better to the outside world. Hint: this isn’t good for the self esteem👍

We get tricked by believing that if the outside world will like us…then we will like us.

The world is full of things like this that can hurt our self worth, but that come packaged as immediate pleasure.  It’s dangerous. They don’t teach us this stuff in school…yet nothing is more important than learning how to love ourselves.  Instead, todays society teaches us that if the outside world likes us, then we will like us.

See, most of us are really 3 different people – 1) We are who they think we are 2) We are who we think others think we are 3)and then we are who we really f’ing are.  When we do the work to truly love ourselves (and sometimes this is just acceptance), all three of these people tend to merge into one. We can just be.. We will have just one image… and it needs no managing.

When we stop worrying about what the outside world thinks of us, and instead focus on what we think of us, we discover a freedom like no other. 

If you want help learning how to love yourself, just drop me a note. 

Hope everyone had a nice 4th

 – matt

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2 thoughts on “This week from The Forklift : Camouflage

  1. If you see me it’s me lol. Would love to chat and catch up!

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    1. Hi Brian! I’d love to catch up. I am in Denver all this week but would love to connect the following? Hope you’re well

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