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We make the mistake of assuming that when everyone has the same facts, they will come up with the same conclusion.  

Just as two people go to a movie and have completely different experiences, life is no different.  We all have our own pair of glasses that we look through. From the minute we are born, our life experiences begin to mold us.  Our own reality begins to form.

As a society, we need to all be cognizant of this.  Social media has given everyone, and anyone, the ability to be speak and be heard.  Because of this, emotional responses, driven by fear and anger, are very common.  

Self-awareness might be our most important skill to master.  If we can understand what drives our beliefs and actions, we can then begin to understand others.  The secret to bettering the world begins with bettering ourselves. 

Try to see the world from everyone else’s reality.  Think about what African-Americans have been through. Or, imagine being raised by parents who are racist KKK members.  We are all products of our environment. 

The sooner we can understand the origin of our beliefs, the sooner we can begin to understand and appreciate others. 

Like all relationships, fixing them first begins with fixing ourselves.

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