I watched The Last Dance on ESPN over the weekend, an incredible documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls (…and not really the 1998 Bull’s season as it claims).  If you didn’t catch it, I highly recommend spending the time.  The dynamics and personalities surrounding such a complex championship organization were incredible to observe.  

The Bulls were led by hall of fame coach Phil Jackson. Phil had the dubious task of managing some really strong personalities and talents…for many years.  His social awareness and ability to communicate effectively were what made him such a great coach.

Phil understood (and Michael really) that championship type effort required incredible focus.  He understood the importance of single-mindedness, the importance of being present and focused on just what is in front of you…at all times.

This team was loaded with crazy distractions, yet they were stronger mentally than any other team in the league.  Phil got the team to be 100% committed when in the gym, all distractions left outside. He also understood the reciprocal of this type of effort and focus was called rest. Days off.  Championship type players need breaks.  They need escapes from the incredible pressures and publicity.

This is true for all of us wanting to be great. We can’t mistake being busy with being productive.  Doing everything can really mean doing nothing.  This is a difficult task in our world today, so many things competing for our attention.  The ability to be fully present and single-minded is something everyone can improve at.  It has nothing to do with born talent.  We can all work on it.

Next time you take a day off and go to the beach, be at the beach. Don’t be thinking about the office. Enjoy your morning drive into the office, then turn it on once you sit down in your office chair.


Live with purpose this week. Think and focus with intent.  Using a calendar to aid in this focus is a great way devote specific times for certain things. We can’t let the day run us, we must run the day.  My coaching clients implement with the Klarity Focus Planning process, a time management and focus tool designed to improve productivity…and peace of mind.  Use your calendar to provide structure. If you currently don’t, try using your calendar a little more. Take your “to-do” list out on a Sunday night, and every task on it that you think will take longer than 30 minutes, put it on the calendar. You can go a step further even and devote certain days to certain things. Maybe all client facing and revenue generating activities are on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Develop a process like this and educate your assistant or team about your time management process.

Remember, doing everything can really mean doing nothing. Live with purpose, live with Klarity.

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Klarity Lifestyle Company (KLC) has been helping people find clarity in life since 2017. Klarity Coaching is a subsidiary of KLC, a coaching service devoted to helping individuals and teams improve life performance.

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1 thought on “Single-mindedness

  1. Hey Matt,
    I think this might be my fav entry so far. I literally shared earlier today how I ask myself at the end of each day, if I have ‘lived with purpose.’ Thank you for these courageous truths. You paid a big price for this freedom/wisdom/ awakening; sharing it is quite honorable, gracious & brave (and i bet, Kleansing 😉
    “Walk humbly, Live usefully.”
    (12×12 p 125)..
    Reach out anytime,
    (from SaS)

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