Isolation is the dark room where we go to develop our negatives. It’s a dangerous place to go…but an easy one these days.

Research shows that the average human being has roughly 70,000 thoughts per day, 80% of which happen to be negative. 95% of all thoughts are also repetitive.

Let me break that down…thats 48.6 thoughts per minute, 38 of which are not good for you.  Only 3 of these thoughts will be presenting something new, the other 45 are repetitive. That is valuable info.

Recognizing that we are not the constant voice in our head, and instead the one hearing that voice, creates separation and provides us with the benefits of a 3rd party perspective. It is the first step towards self-awareness.  

Understanding our minds and how we think is free and valuable information to know.  You can’t win the battle if you can’t identify the enemy.


Be a spectator for a week.  Watch your thoughts as if you were a spectator in a movie.    This is difficult to practice.  I find it useful to break it down and just put a couple 30 minute windows on my calendar.  Putting it on the calendar serves as a reminder to practice for one, but will also provide you with a dedicated window of focus. 

Listen to understand this week, not just to respond. 

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Klarity Lifestyle Company (KLC) has been helping people find clarity in life since 2017. Klarity Coaching is a subsidiary of KLC, a coaching service devoted to helping individuals and teams improve life performance.

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