From The Forklift: expectations

People have not been in our shoes…but we also haven’t been in theirs.

We so often let others actions and behaviors affect our own state.  Expectations are really just pre-meditated resentments. The sooner we let go of the things we can’t control, and focus on the things we can, the sooner we can become real professionals… of life.

We only control our behavior. We can only fully uphold our standards for ourselves. As leaders, we have to work to meet everyone else where they are—get as much as we can from them… and of them—but we can’t make ourselves miserable expecting them to be like us. Because they aren’t. 

What they do is in their control.

Self-awareness unlocks the door to enlightenment and self-control.  Control yourself and you can control your life. Practice the fundamentals. 
– matt

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