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If we can change the way we think, we can change the way we feel.

If we think everyone in the world is untrustworthy, then we’ll attract untrustworthy people. If we think good things only happen to “those other special people”, then good things will likely never happen to us. How we see the world is how we will receive the world.  

Anyone who has ever gone fishing understands the importance of having the right state of mind.  It’s a magical thing that any fishermen cannot deny.  How one looks at the end of his rod will largely dictate how many fish he’ll catch. A fisherman who is constantly watching the end of his rod and anticipating that next bite, will alway catch more fish then the deflated pessimist. It’s a fact. If we can control our thoughts, we can control our lives.

Some people want to have a good day, others must have a good day.  Which one are you?

The  Fundamental 


What is the quickest way to change our state?  

As tough as it may be to smile some mornings, smiling is actually the quickest way to finding a state where we…really are smiling!  It is infectious.  By forcing a smile, we can actually trick our own biochemistry into a joyous and grateful state of mind.  It’s incredible.  It takes just one forced smiled to be quickly replaced by an authentic one. Fake it to make it.

Once we begin broadcasting our smile, we’ll also discover we quickly connect with others tuned to the same channel. People will begin to smile at us!

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2 thoughts on “Make it a Great Day

  1. Sharon G Miller April 11, 2020 — 4:04 am

    Today is my birthday, and this is a present for me. This makes my day, as it us how I do try to live each day. Doing our best each day because we visualize the best, really works! Getting rid of negative thinking makes room for smiles and positive thoughts and a positive outcome. Love this Matt.

    1. Yes, happy bday Aunty Sharon:) love you

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