“No matter what anyone says or does, my task is to be good. Like gold or emerald or purple repeating to itself, ‘No matter what anyone says or does, my task is to be emerald, my color undiminished.’”

from Marcus Aurelia’s  (Meditations’s

There is nothing more important than our state of mind.  It’s simple, it all starts there.  

How we see the world is how we will receive the world.

If we don’t have the right attitude, the right philosophy, life becomes challenging.  We will see the world as a constant uphill climb.

When we have the right philosophy though, life becomes a beautiful struggle with great rewards.  We actually embrace the struggle. The difficulties we once faced now turn into challenges and opportunities. When we begin to see that life doesn’t happen to us, it actually happens for us, we begin to take on life with new spiritual vigor. Invincibility really.  It’s a powerful feeling, hope some of you can relate. 

In a previous post I talked about The Right Field fence (, a term that represents the importance of getting away and/or changing our perspectives.   To truly see ourselves, we need to somehow get outside ourselves. We need a different look and opinion that the one being presented by our ego. 

The Coronavirus is The Right Field Fence for us all! The world will likely never slow down like this ever again.  What an opportunity this is for each one of us to look inward and evaluate our lives. Spend time with family. Pray. Etc. 

I see a lot of beautiful things happening because of the Coronavirus.  Sometimes it is something simple, like a father and son getting to spend more time together; and sometimes its something more complex, like learning to grow in faith as we face new fears.  I don’t think we can avoid feeling this fear, but we can choose how we want to experience it. 

Living a happy successful life has little to do with what happens to us, and everything to do with how we handle what happens to us.  Now is an unbelievable time to be a leader.  Don’t waste opportunities to get better. 








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