Right Field Fence

The life we are living between our ears can be vastly different than the one we are actually living.

I remember one time in college, our baseball coach set up a camera in the left field parking garage.  He had one of the assistants focus on just one player, for an entire practice, following him every step with the camera.  

When asked to come in and watch film, I was excited for the opportunity to improve. I of course was expecting to walk in and watch film of my swing, or fielding ground balls, but what I found instead was far more valuable.  From tying my shoes at the beginning of practice, to raking the infield at the end of practice, we sat there and watched my every move that day on the practice field.  

It was horrifying.  

I had all kinds of embarrassing bad habits and routines. Apparently I thought spitting and grabbing my crotch all the time was cool?  The person I saw on that film was completely different than the one between my ears.  I learned a few valuable lessons that day.

First lesson learned…We all need to look at ourselves from behind the right field fence from time to time.  

It is so easy for us to get tunnel vision and not see the truth.  We see our reality, but is it really the truth?  We can’t get stuck in our ego and think we “got it”.  If we are not growing, we are dying.  Looking at our lives from a different perspective can help ensure that we are on the right track. The better we understand ourselves, the better off we’ll be. 

Second lesson learned… what a man thinkieth he becomes.   

Even during just the course of a season, our experiences and interactions on and off the field formulate our mental states.  The way we see the game dictates the way we play it. Was I going to crush the ball or strikeout? Was I thankful to just be out here playing or angry that I’m not in the lineup today? It’s very easy to get stuck in a poor state of being and not be aware of it. It just seems to be the norm.

This is absolutely no different than life.  If we can control our minds, we’ll control our lives. The way we see the world dictates the way we receive it.

Remember, we are really 3 different people.  We are who we think we are. We are who we think people think we are. And then, we are who we really F’ing are.  Looking at our lives from “behind the right field fence” will help us funnel these three into one…and we can just be who we really are.

Living authentically is freedom. When we know who we really are we can truly start loving ourselves.


Find a way to set up your right field camera.  Surrounding yourself with authentic honest friends and living in consultation is a beautiful thing.  Trusted information is always good. The ego can’t analyze itself. 

There are many places and ways to escape your current reality, find what works for you. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is not rest. Not take a vacation. Not get away.

Find your right field fence.

Nature is a beautiful place to find yourself. 

Daily Fundamentals  

Do something incredible

Give something incredible 

Create something incredible 

Live Simple. Live with Klarity.


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