Klarity Talk

March 1st ProEdge Boxing

Invite details at http://www.mylifesherpa.com

Looks like we have a good showing already, appreciate those who have rsvp’d👍

We’d love to have even more of you! I think you’ll leave feeling a little better. Little more grateful. Little more love in your heart…and a lot more thirst to be the best person you can become.

My experience is that personal development is a life long endeavor. People want to work with attractive people…and we can become more attractive in so many ways. If we want more than we got, we need to become more than we are. Come get started.

Come meet Joe Serrano and learn why his clients are raving lunatics about him.

Hope to see you there and please RSVP.
Make it a great day🤙👍💪🙏

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