Where’s Your Focus?

The power of thought is our greatest asset, or our greatest liability.  

It’s not what happens to us in life that dictates the kind of life we’ll live, its how we handle those things that happen to us, and how we handle these things depends on how we think about these things.

The only difference between adversity and opportunity, is a positive state of mind.  Our state of mind dictates the things we focus on.

What we focus on is what we sow.  It’s so true.  If you think you are a screw up, you’ll likely always be a screw up.  If you think this business venture is going to crash, it will most likely crash.  When we focus on the negative, we just invite more of it.

I heard Tony Robbins use this example once and it really stuck.  He used the analogy of race car driving.  Anyone who enjoys race car driving, understands the importance of keeping focus on where you want the car to go, rather than where you don’t want it to go.  When approaching a hairpin turn, its not easy to ignore that brick wall just outside the turn, but we must do it.  We must always keep our focus on where we want the car to go, rather than the danger.  As soon as we think about crashing into that wall, we will find ourselves crashing into that wall.  I am sure you can relate that example to many in your own life.

When we suffer set-backs in life, maybe stumble a few times, its so easy to become negative.  It’s so easy to assume we will repeat the past, and so often times it does.  We will focus on the ways we can screw something up, rather than the opportunities that present themselves.  It is a big reason we see people stuck in a losing streak, they begin to have the wrong mindset. To escape a tornado, you can’t keep thinking about the horror of the tornado.

Life is no joke.  It hurts at times. We lose businesses, we lose friends, our marriages fall apart, loss is a huge aspect of life.  We cannot change that.  We can take a pill, bury ourselves in a bottle, work excessively, or use a plethora of other “material supplements” to temporarily avoid this pain, but the better solution is to embrace the challenges…and ALWAYS have the right mindset. 

Listen, one of the greatest gifts that came with my new hands was the opportunity to always show people the right mindset.  It’s weird how it works…if you can just be a positive example to others, appear to always be in that right state of mind, you’ll end up being an example for yourself. 

Focus on the right things this week. You can become whatever you want to become. matt 

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