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….originally published December 2018

How do people get off track?  How does someone become a workaholic? Go from grace to an addict?  Become an over-eater?  We weren’t born this way right? Well, somewhere along the way we forgot that we were in control of how we felt. Instead of managing ourselves, we gave our power away to the outside world.

We let the things we have no control over, control the way we feel. Rather than dictate our own state of mind, it’s easier to just sit back and emotionally respond (the subconscious loves to play victim!). The world we live in is full of mechanisms to change the way we feel. We become accustomed to looking for things externally to help manage our feelings. Instant gratification and quick sources of euphoria are everywhere. i.e. We buy unnecessary things to aid depression. We drink to combat our social anxiety. We over exercise to run away.  We act as our own mental chemists, looking for the right mix to manage our state.

Real successful people learn to manage their own states, regardless of life circumstances, and without the need of external worldly supplements. They are in control of their state of mind at all times. How? They think differently, they control their thoughts.

These type of people don’t complain about having to go to work on Monday. Instead, they are excited to make a difference at work and find the positive. They look forward to Mondays.  They attack Monday’s! This type of person made a conscious decision to think differently about their life. An attitude of gratitude. It’s very simple, but really hard.

Remember this – you are not the constant chattering voice in your head, you are the person that hears that voice. You have control over that voice. You can control your thoughts.

So how do we begin to regain control of our thoughts, and then feelings? Start with smiling. A simple physical action like smiling can quickly change the energy you give and receive.

Action : smile more this week.  You can start to change your thoughts and attitude by the way you carry yourself. It’s simple. Fake it to make it if needed, but as you throw smiles to others you’ll start to receive a different energy from others. You’ll feel joy in your body. You’ll begin to function on a higher plane, one of positivity, opportunity, and being present. Your smile will naturally strengthen and become more authentic by week end, truly beginning to change the way you feel.

Just smile – Matt

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2 thoughts on “State of Mind

  1. Matt, thanks for sharing, you made me smile 🙂

  2. You are a great writer on life and beliefs. Thanks for sharing.

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