Good Morning to Focused Optimism

In today’s world, it’s never been easier to confuse being busy with being productive.  Being busy may even help one climb the corporate ladder and have mild success, but at some point the inefficient approach won’t maintain. At the highest levels of success, there exists certain practices that just can’t be half done.  One of these practices I call focused optimism.

Our alarm goes off and the first thing we do each morning is check our phones, zero to 60 in about 10 seconds. We instantly flood our minds with hundreds of responsibilities and ideas for our day.  If you are saying “not me?” right now, chances are either lying, or you are of the age where you still prefer yellow post-it’s over email (which I applaud by the way).  If you are under the age of 65, chances are you can relate. 

If you can’t give yourself 15 minutes in the morning, then I’d consider reevaluating your lifestyle.

A few minutes of meditation and stillness before starting your day can drastically change your your results. Before you look at your phone, use your mind and heart to help channel your thoughts towards what needs to be the priority for the day. You’ll see, if you’re truly engaged in your day to day life, a clear suggestion will come, delivering the gift of focus and simplicity…before the madness of the day hits you. What you focus on dictates your day. 

Stillness in the morning can not only help you find your focus, but perhaps more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to find the right type of focus.  When you combine focus with optimism, the door opens for great things to happen.

Anyone who has ever gone fishing understands the importance of focused optimism.  It’s a magical thing that any fishermen cannot deny.  How one looks at the end of his rod will largely dictate how many fish he’ll catch. A fisherman who is constantly anticipating that next bite, knowing that at any second they will get a bite, will alway catch more fish then the deflated pessimist. It’s a fact.

The fisherman who must catch a fish will always prevail the one who just wants to catch a fish. Some people want to have a good day, others must have a good day.  Which one are you?


Ask yourself if you feel like you have control of your day. 

Before looking at your phone or turning on the news, dedicate at least 15 minutes to yourself each morning. Put your phone in the next room at night if needed.  You will need to find a routine that works for you within those precious minutes, but whatever they are, devote yourself to them every day.  Try this for one week and look at your results.

Have a fun week – matt 

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