Importance of Listening

We all suffer from spiritual narcolepsy. 

As soon as we start feeling really connected, as soon as we think we have it all figured out, life happens (and its usually something pretty minor that sets us off). Just like that, in a matter of seconds, we find ourselves on an island of crazy, looking out across at the spiritual mainland.  Our divine connection, our serenity, suddenly seems dormant.  

So how do we get back?

Well, there are a lot of tools we use to get “re-connected” again with our higher power right?  We meditate. We take vacations. We help others.  We exercise. We spend more time at church. We all have our own tools.  

The tools listed above are great and should be part of everyone’s arsenal, but one of the best solutions for rekindling our divine connection is actually right in front of us.  It’s actually within us.

It’s called listening.

When we really listen, we give our spirit and soul a chance to catch up with our brain.  We give time for divine inspiration and truth to enter our minds and heart. Our shallow, not well-thought out, and often quick ego centric replies, become replaced with more intelligent spirit filled words.  We find wisdom.

When we truly listen, we actually find ourselves not wanting to talk as much.  We lose that automatic response and need to impose our opinions and viewpoints on everyone.  What is between God and us is suddenly enough.  We feel serenity. We feel connected again.


Uhhh…don’t talk as much this week🤙?

Changing big behaviors like this can be extremely difficult.  How you interact in conversation is so “in the moment” and occurs so frequently in your daily life, that unless you break it down into chewable pieces, you will never find change. It will just seem overwhelming, 

It’s similar to working on your golf swing.  You can’t just go to the driving range and “work on your swing”.  You need to go to the range and focus on improving just one element of your swing.  Maybe you focus on just keeping your left arm straight.  There are just too many moving pieces to work on it all at once.

So, maybe this week you focus on just one person and make a commitment to not respond.  Maybe its someone you even have a difficult time listening to…and just listen.

You will discover more serenity and find yourself operating on a much deeper spiritual plane.  Listen to understand this week, rather than just listening to respond.

– Matt

Daily Fundamentals 

Do something incredible

Give something incredible 

Create something incredible 

Live Simple. Live with Klarity.

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