You Are The Problem

Control your mind and you control your life.

I have a friend who constantly complains about his coworker.  From his description, this individual sounds very narcissistic and insecure.  They are constantly telling others about their abundant strengths and successes, especially to those upstairs at the office…according to my friend. I have to listen to my friend complain and moan about this person all the time, it’s exhausting! The amount of energy my friend dedicates to this situation is crazy. It’s harmful!  Why does he let this person bother him so much?

We’ve all been like this before, we allow something external to bother us. We give away our power.

Most often than not, when we are bothered by someone’s behavior, its that same behavior within ourselves that we dislike or struggle with (most people hate to hear that!). Our subconscious loves to identify our own inadequacies in others. Its our egos attempt to falsely inflate itself by pointing out someone else’s weaknesses. Use your initial reactions to others actions, as reflection points for your own behaviors. You can learn a lot from others and learn to appreciate them and their differences.

Resentments are hidden to most of us, we’re not even aware of the power we give to people, places, and things. Life moves fast, resentments plant themselves on our subconscious and grow like a filling septic tank. Most of us just don’t think this way.  This takes awareness and practice. Mind control is simple, but it’s not easy.

Anytime you have a problem with a person, place, or thing, recognize that the real problem actually resides within yourself.


When a baseball hitter is really locked in, playing great, you’ll here him say that the game just seems to have slowed down. He sees and digest things before he reacts.  He can see the seams on the ball as the pitch is delivered.

When you’re locked in spiritually, practicing awareness, and staying present this same thing happens.  Life seems to slow down. You listen to understand, not just to respond. You can see your part in things. You can accept people, places, and things for what they are.

Practice awareness this week.  When you find yourself upset or bothered by someone, something, or some place…stop, breathe, and remind yourself that the real emotion you are feeling might just reside from a conflict within yourself. Being rigorously honest with others is one thing, but being rigorously honest with yourself is life changing.

Have a great week- Matt


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  1. Perfect!!! Such a great read…as always!!!

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