From Negative to Positive

Authenticity is today’s currency…

A lot of what I talk about is around mind control. Why? Because nothing is more important and nothing is more powerful. If you can control the mind, life becomes easier to navigate and much more enjoyable. Fun. Purposeful. 

I’ve been through a lot physically, all of which pales in comparison to the mental battlefield that came with it. For all of us, both our biggest asset and biggest enemy lies between our ears. A strong mind can get you through ANY circumstance. 

You are not the constant chattering voice you hear all day in your head, you are the person who hears that voice.  Negative thoughts are unavoidable, it’s impossible to escape them. Our subconscious is constantly giving us negative ideas and comments. It loves to produce fear based thoughts and negative self talk.  So if you can’t stop these negative thoughts, what can you do? Like all things, you focus on what you can control.

You can control how you receive these thoughts and what you do with them.

It’s impossible to get these negative thoughts to just stop. The tape always runs.  If you think that you need to stop thinking about the negative thought, then you’ll again be thinking about the negative thought! That’s where most people give up!  A negative thought won’t disappear on its own, but it will if you simply replace it.

Replacing with a positive, often the exact opposite thought of the negative one you had, will immediately cause the negative feed to subside. Practicing this daily will begin to change your energy, from negative to positive.

It all starts with awareness.

Weekly Action: be aware of the constant chatter in your head this week. Watch the internal voice as if you were a 3rd party .  Watch these thoughts come and go. When a thought arrives that is fear based or negative, immediately substitute it with its positive equivalent. As you continue to do this, you’ll find that over time your inner subconscious thoughts will begin to even change. Positive thoughts will begin to lead you towards a higher level of self worth and positivity, changing the design and direction of the inner voice we all face. 

Daily Fundamentals 

Do something incredible

Give something incredible 

Create something incredible 

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5 thoughts on “From Negative to Positive

  1. Great article Matt!

  2. Man, all of these articles are right on. I share them with my kids…such good lessons for life. Thanks Matt.

    1. That’s awesome Dave. Made my day. From our recent breakfast…I think your kids could be teaching me!
      Hold on…it’s going to be fun watching them take off

  3. very interesting and informative post

  4. Just what I needed today!!!! The mind plays the worst tricks on us!!! Powerful Matt!!!! Great daily reminder!!!!!

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