When it comes to purpose in our lives, achieving the things we want and care about the most, there is no greater weapon than the human soul. Anything can be accomplished when the heart is involved. An old friend of mine used to refer to this as GAS, an acronym for Give A Sh*t. The greatest achievements are generally not just stumbled across, they are fueled by GAS.

Pursuing things fueled by GAS lead to us living more full and happy lives. It makes the journey just as enjoyable as reaching the destination. When your life is aligned with your purpose, you’ll have an unlimited supply of fuel. Work is no longer work.

Knowledge, experience, an MBA, accreditation’s, etc., certainly help your chances of financial “success”. GAS however will trump all of these, while pursuing a much different type of “success”. A much more robust one. “Success” now extends past money and takes shape around purpose, a mission, a calling. It’s no longer just about money.

Ironically, now that you are no longer leading with a focus towards just financial success, and instead one with passion and purpose, the likelihood of creating more monetary wealth actually increases. It’s a paradox. The less you focus on money, the more you will likely make.

GAS comes from our stories, our lives, our experiences. It’s often our toughest times, our darkest moments, when our fuel tank is defined and filled. We all have a story.

Weekly Action: What is your story? What events in your life gave you the beliefs and standards you live by today? Identifying these roots will help you understand why you do what you do. Or, perhaps this why may even redirect you into a new field or other direction? If you have a why behind what you do (even if it’s just driving a forklift), any occupation can become vocation.

“Best investment advice – invest your time doing things that give you energy”

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2 thoughts on “GAS

  1. I love this. When I was young someone told me “when you do anything you are putting your name on it.”
    It always gave me extra “GAS”
    Love these
    Thanks Matt

    1. Awesome to have you back in Prescott Kat!

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