We are who we believe we are.  

At a young age, at some point in our developments, we label ourselves. We let someone, our circumstances, or some event in life, define us. These things then set a ceiling for us, they tell us that this is our story.  We may not even realize this, but subconsciously we believe it.  Our subconscious mind will continually make efforts to stay in this label.

You may think to yourself, “I will never be skinny because I just have a slow metabolism”.  Or, “I will always be poor because I’ve just have never been given opportunities”.  Or lastly, “ I’m an addict”( controversial one here, but don’t give addiction more power than it deserves.  I’ll just say that).  Whatever it is, this story will continue as long as you allow it to.

You must hold yourself to a new standard.  Most successful people aren’t more successful because they are smarter or more talented than you.  They are more successful because they have to be.   It’s their standard, they won’t accept anything else!  It’s their story, their identity.

What’s your story going forward?

Weekly Action: What is your standard? Be honest with yourself.  Think about it. Have you subconsciously given yourself a ceiling, or a “box” to play in?  Sit with this…maybe even ask a friend for feedback.

Now, write down on a piece of paper your new label, who you want to be. Post this somewhere you can see every morning, read, and envision on a daily basis.   Daily affirmations actually work. Get this new standard in your soul. You’ll find freedom from your previous label. You have all the power you’ll ever need, you always have.

“Sometimes you don’t need to clean your lens, you need a new pair of glasses”

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