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We make a living off what we get, but we make a life off what we give” – Winston Churchill.

I’ve lived the previous 9 months without the internet, texting, facebook,“apps”, etc.  It was really tough at first to be honest, but I have to tell you, it was kind of nice.  Life changing as well.

For one, it is really comforting to know that I can live life with just a land line and be fine.  I survived.  The chaos of the world was still here when I got these technologies back, not much had changed (Actually nothing changed),  Looking back at how I used to live with my phone, its pretty sad really.

What did change however was me.  Not having those distractions forced me to sit with my own thoughts.  Think.  Slow down.  Experience nature. Build real friendships. Experience God.  And give myself to others.  I couldn’t isolate, I had to live in real community, rather than a virtual one…just as I believe we are supposed to.  I volunteered 10 hours a week at a local shelter during this time, I felt more intrinsic value from this than any work I had ever done before!  

I am not writing this to bash on smartphones, they are amazing things that provide amazing benefits (When used right). I am writing this to share my experience (since very few of you will likely ever be able to try this experiment with no phone), that when I help someone or something, my problems always go away.  I no longer feel stressed, alone, or incomplete, if I can just get my focus on to someone else.  IThat is how I get out of my own head.  That’s what not having a smartphone did for me. I learned the value of truly giving.

I was forced to get back to basics.  It forced me to live with others, to call rather than text, to share my story, and to always reach out my hand for help.  It simply forced me to be a better friend, a giving friend.  It reminded me of how life is supposed to be lived.

By helping someone else with their “problems”, I help my problems. Try it


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2 thoughts on “A Living…

  1. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a truly great experience. I have thought about doing something similar for a while. Work and life make it nearly impossible.. but, one day..

  2. Matt, I just finished reading Ed Ayres’ “The Longest Race” about the JFK 50 miler. https://www.workman.com/products/the-longest-race and he writes:

    “As the world get more complicated, people become more appreciative of the things that remain simple – and few things do. Running is in some ways the simplest of all sports. All you have to do, to run, is open the door and go out.”

    You nailed it!

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