Hello all.  It’s been some time.  I’m back. Now the journey begins.  I hope everyone is well, missed you all so much.

I was asked recently to be interviewed at Cornestone church during their September 3rd sermon.  In addition to answering questions about “my story…my real story”, I discuss things like vulnerability and the blessing that comes with struggle.  A link can be found here.  I come on at about the 15 minute mark.

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2 thoughts on “Vulnerability

  1. Matt –! so happy to know you are still alive and breathing in this world. I’ve thought of you often but so much absence I had to let it go wondering if you were “over the edge” and thrilled you are still alive and back!! Loved getting that notification today. You ARE God my friend. He lives within you. You are so much more than your fingers or toes. . . but I get it. The long struggle to love ourselves as we are. To celebrate. I walked the Camino this fall from SJPdP and thought of you. Hope our paths cross again. xoxo/Brenda

  2. Some days awkward hugs are the best Matt. I’m proud of you and THANK YOU for witnessing to the power of vulnerability!

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