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Self-image is a slippery slope for most of us…at least for those of us who are secure enough to admit it! One moment we are floating through the conference room with our chests out? The next moment we are sitting back down at our desks wondering if we are good enough, smart enough, funny enough, etc.(I basically just explained my twenties). I hope I’m not the only one like this.

How you carry yourself is how others will price yourself. If you want to be a Mercedes, price yourself like one (meaning act like one).

My Junior year at Santa Clara, I learned a great lesson…and a great tool. Our baseball coach hid a video camera behind the right field wall. He had asked one of the dugout assistants to hide and film us for an entire practice and game, from behind the right field fence.  Filmed everything at all times. Between innings, while I was taking grounders, as I stretched, etc. I knew I loved to pick my nose, but that film kind of took it to a new level…Ugly.

Watching this film the next day was equally painful as it was valuable.  Not only did this film highlight ally my weird habits and weaknesses, it also taught me about the power of perspective. It was great to see myself from another angle. Another perspective. I walked differently, talked differently, and even just looked differently on that film, than what I thought I looked like. I had habits that I didn’t even know about.  It was alarming. The person I saw on that film was not the “product” I thought I was putting on the field.  Not even close really.  It certainly wasn’t the “product” that I wanted to put on the field.

Look at your life from behind the right field fence.

I find it useful from time to time to check on the “product” I am really putting out there.  A reality check.  I like to close my eyes and watch my life, visualize…as if I was watching from behind the right field fence.   My movie.  Its powerful.

The truth will set you free.  What product are you putting out there? (Self-honesty is a valuable asset).  You set your price, not the marketplace.


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