Camino de Santiago

Why me?

In search of the answer to this question (what’s next for me) –

On September 5th, I will be attempting to conquer the entire French route of the Camino de Santiago in 38 days.  The route is a total of 500 miles, my daily average working out between 17-20 miles per day.  Flying solo, I am arriving with backpack, socks, two pairs of shorts, 3 T-shirts, and my running shoes.  I am coming back a different man, its inevitable.

For a refreshingly honest take on life and self discovery, please check in and follow me daily as my journey begins.  Enjoy The Way with me.


To always living.  Cheers!

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5 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago

  1. Can’t wait to follow you! You are such an inspiration. Cheers to an amazing adventure.


  2. Macho! Can’t wait to follow. Way to set the bar high for the 20 year reunion, sheesh…


  3. Good luck my friend on your next big adventure! I am looking forward to following your journey…


  4. Patricio Benavides September 5, 2017 — 11:57 pm

    Good luck Matt!!!!!! What a beautiful experience. I will follow you along.


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